A brief note on Women’s Basketball in the US

A brief note on Women’s Basketball in the US

Women’s Basketball is a very important part in the game of basketball. In fact, it is one of those few sports, which has gained equal prominence as the male counterpart of the game. The game gained popularity in the United States from the East coast to the West Coast especially with the aid of women college basketball. During to the period 1895 to 1970, netball was used to describe women’s basketball.  However, netball has evolved parallel y with that of women basketball.
The game of basketball for women started in 1892’s winter. It was pioneered by the physical instructor named Senda Berenson, at Smith College. She taught basketball to her female students hoping that they would have a better physical health. Most of the women who adhered to basketball during its introductory years were from colleges affiliated to YMCAs.  However, Berenson did a few tweaks with the rules so that the game does not become too strenuous to the female players. The first recorded women’s basketball game between two college teams of California University and Stanford University was held in 1896.
The popularity of the game amongst women was gaining momentum rapidly. By the 1970s, this woman’s sports had been to the notice of the Olympics Committee and therefore it was included in the 1976 Olympics. Many schools were funded from Federal Treasury during the 1970’s to promote the game amongst women and thus various gender discriminating laws were also withheld.  Women’s basketball has brought huge success to the United States in many international competitions.