A quick peep into the history of basketball

A quick peep into the history of basketball

The history of basketball is unique, since it began as an alternative to outdoor physical pursuits against harsh weather conditions.  The game of basketball was devised by a Canadian Physical Education instructor and professor by the name of Dr. James Naismith. It was an early December day in the year of 1891, when he devised the game. It was because he wanted the gym class to endure the same physical pursuits and endurance but indoors, as it was a rainy day. He also sought that a vigorous game, which is played indoors, would be able to keep his students fit and healthy during the winters in New England.

Dr. Naismith jotted down the basic rules after various permutation and combination around the available gymnasiums. The first basket that was pegged to a 10 feet high track was a peach basket that had its bottom retained. This process served to be inefficient since the ball had to be retained manually after every score, resulting in the removal of the bottom.
The first balls that were used for the games were soccer balls. However, in the later part of the 1950’s, Tony Hinkle introduced the orange ball so that the visibility was better to the players. The peach baskets were replaced with metal hoops along with backboards in 1906. It was because the baskets were initially attached to the mezzanine balcony and the spectators often interfered with the shots. Therefore, a backboard seems to be an effective solution. Basketball had since the gone through various changes and gained lot of popularity.