Is Stephen Curry NBA 2015’s MVP?

Is Stephen Curry NBA 2015’s MVP?

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors Guard had been playing extraordinarily to ensure that his team wins the NBA finals. So far, the Warriors have kept it low and didn’t compromise their performance. Moreover, the adjustments made in the team by Steve Kerr proved to be of great benefit to the team’s performance in the Game 4. 

It was in the first half of the Game 5 of NBA Finals that took place in Oakland, California, that Curry showed off his guard skills to a crowd of 19,596 in the court, while several others watched him sway with energy as he made seven 3-pointers. This was when he scored 37 points, which lead the Warriors with a score of 104-91, with a lead of 3-2 in the NBA Finals.

With just one more win away, not only the Golden State Warriors will reclaim their NBA Championship trophy after 1975. And this might make Stephen curry the next MVP!