LeBron James and NBA Finals

LeBron James and NBA Finals

LeBron James, a basketball legend didn’t try to hide a disappointment because of Cleveland’s loss.
He pulled off his sunglasses and people could see how devastated and hurt he was because of that.

Anyone who was watching the game could see that he gave everything he had in order to help his team, but it obviously wasn’t enough.
Sometimes people tend to question their work and effort after everything is done, and LeBron obviously does that too, because he questioned his game, asking himself if he could have done something different or maybe give more, even though all of us know that he done everything to save the game.

When people think about him and his game and talent, they know that he is not just a typical NBA star, he’s a true leader and he doesn’t quit until he thinks it’s enough.
His coach David Blatt said that we all know that he’s a spectacular basketball player and that he has become a better player and even a better leader of his team.

He added that James has evolved in terms of his role as a leader of his team and of course as a basketball player and that he has become what everyone expected him to be.
LeBron is definitely an inspiration to every sportsman and future basketball player because he always believes in his team and victory, and what is also so amazing about him is that he always gives 100 percent of his strength and effort in order to achieve the best results.