Michael Jordan: The former superstar of basketball

Michael Jordan: The former superstar of basketball

Michael Jordan is former professional basketball player from the United States. He was born in 1963. He is more commonly known by the initials of MJ. Currently, he has been working as an entrepreneur. He is the principal owner of the basketball team Charlotte Hornets and is the chairperson of the team as well. The NBA Website regards him as "By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time." His impeccable performance in the game had presented him some nicknames like ‘His Airness’ and ‘Air Jordan’.
Jordan had been famous not only for the rendition of the game but also popularizing NBA (National Basketball Association) worldwide, with the aid of his sheer brilliance in basketball. He had played for 15 seasons in NBA for the Teams Chicago Bulls along with Washington Wizards. In his school days, he had played all the three games of basketball, football and baseball.  He also played basketball in college and he represented his college team North Carolina. His first NBA Draft was in 1984 by the Chicago Bulls.
Jordan had won Gold Medals in various international championships as well. He had won two Olympics Gold Medals. He is known to retire from the game of basketball thrice. His final retirement was in 2003. He has many individual accolades to his kitty as well, like MVP Awards for five times, First Team honor in All-NBA for 10 Times, ‘NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award’ in 1988 and many more. ESPN Named him as ‘the greatest North American athlete’ of the century.