Steve Kerr’s Alterations in NBA 2015

Steve Kerr’s Alterations in NBA 2015

The biggest spin-off of the NBA season 2015 has been the decision of Steve Kerr to swap the team members, Andrew Bogut with Andre Iguodala. This major swap took place in the game 4 of the NBA finals 2015. While many were not so sure about Kerr’s decision, it turned out to be the greatest decision that helped the Warriors to pick up the pace and steady themselves in the game.

Kerr’s bold moves have been now trusted upon as these changes throughout the season pushed the team to a better place in the finales. The team had lost its spot in the first three games of the NBA finals, especially because Cleveland Cavaliers were rowing them out. However, Kerr’s decision redeemed the team and it became the most important course of the NBA finals 2015. 

Steve Kerr is considered a rookie head coach, but his decisions cannot be thought of as a mere gamble. Let’s see what else he brings in the finals.