Warriors Are Looking Back At Previous Games

Warriors Are Looking Back At Previous Games

The coaching staff of the Golden State Warriors has brought forth tapes from previous wins. The entire team has watched these tapes. They observed how they won certain games in the past. In this next game, the Warriors are planning to use these strategies in-game six. They believe if these strategies have worked before they will work again. 

This is said to be the biggest game for the Warriors. With that being said, not only have the coaches gone through these past games, but also they have worked on ways to beat the Cavaliers with the ideas from these previous games.

The coaching staff of the Warriors wants to have a play for every single moment of the game; this goes for both offense and defense. They are using past strategies, and they are even switching these past strategies with some new ideas. They believe this will confuse the Cavaliers and seal the win. The Warriors want to win no matter what. 

It does not matter how hard they have to play and how much pain they have to endure; they want to walk away winners without having to go to a game seven. The coaching staff has told the entire team to stay relaxed until the last second of the game. The coaching staff believes staying relaxed is the key to using the past lessons found in previous games. 

The Warriors and the coaching staff are on the same page. During game six, they are all teammates with the same common goal.