Abby Bishop

Abby Bishop

This young woman is an Australian professional basketball forward/center who plays for the Seattle Storm of WNBA.

Many of you are probably expecting news about some of her achievements, but this is a totally different story.

When Abby was 24, her life completely changed when she took Zala, her two-day old niece.

She had to adjust and change some of her habits, because she had to take care of a newborn, and at the same time train.

Abby's sister, wasn't very well, and since she wasn't able to take care of her daughter Abby decided to help her.

Now, Zala is a beautiful and healthy 20 months old baby, and she follows her aunt everywhere she goes. They are like two best friends.

She chose to live in Canberra, which is her base, but sometimes she is flying interstate with Zala for weekend matches.

Abby is so happy to be surrounded with people who understand her situation, and who are helping her whenever they can.

" All the teams I've been part of have just been amazing in terms of taking me and Zala on. My European teams paid for my nanny's flights and they had cots and car seats and toys and everything here. " - she added.

Obviously living with gorgeous Zala isn't as hard as some of you think. Abby says that it is sometimes a little bit difficult to travel by plane, because Zala is an active baby, but she is very adaptable, and wherever she goes, she simply loves it.