Amazing NBA Playoff Season 2015 So Far

Amazing NBA Playoff Season 2015 So Far

Every NBA player has a dream to win Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. However, that isn’t the only thing that NBA teams want. There is a lot at stake, especially when legendary teams such as Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors play against each other in the playoff season.

A lot of rookie coaches are expected to debut this season, such as Cleveland Cavaliers’ David Blatt and Steve Kerr for Golden State. They might be considered rookie but they have been doing really well so far. Moreover, there are agents for whom millions of dollars are at stake this time. With so much to grab during this playoff season, price money can never be ignored.

Also, Warriors became the 8th team for 67 wins that were tied for most of the time. A lot can happen when you enter the game season and for warriors, this year has been great so far!