Atlanta Hawks Faces Cleveland Cavaliers In a Tight Match

Atlanta Hawks Faces Cleveland Cavaliers In a Tight Match

Last week marked the third game of the Eastern Conference finals within the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks and Lebron James and his Cleveland team squared off with their hearts pumping.

The game got off to a very quick start. Both teams began taking big chances, and both teams began scoring fast. The second quarter then got underway. The same intensity was used in the second quarter as was used in the first quarter.

Before the second quarter ended, however, Al Horford was ejected out of the game for hitting another player with his elbow. Al pleaded his innocence, but this was not enough in the end. 

The Hawk’s were very upset when this happened, especially the coach. Horford is one of the best places on the team, and the team counts on him scoring a lot of points each game. Nonetheless, the team had to go on without his and make it work. 

The game went into overtime and fans continue to scream for their favorite team, and not one fan has left the arena. Certain people in attendance have already made communication about the game. 

Most have said this is just about the best basketball game all year. Many have also commented that the fans were more involved in this game than any other game in the season. There is no telling what is going to happen when there is no more time on the clock. Both teams want the win badly.