Basketball Greats: LeBron James

Basketball Greats: LeBron James

LeBron James, who is also considered as one of the America’s most popular and influential basketball athlete does not need any introductions as to who he is. Whether you like him or boo him, he is the best contemporary NBA player and there’s no doubt about it. As to count his accomplishment, this 30-yr old, 6 ft 8 inches of a Hulk, who wears the No.23 jersey for the Cleveland Cavaliers as power forward, is their all-time lead scorer. He has won two NBA Championships, two MVP Awards, four Most Valuable NBA Player Awards, two Olympic Golds, and a NBA Rookie of the Year Award.
His size, athleticism and his strength, the agility with which he performs and executes in the court, are all the qualities that make him unique and incredibly distinct to the rest of his team-mates and the other players of this generation. He has had some great seasons, while he was with the Miami Heat team. His versatility and speed makes him one of the best finishers in basketball.
The best part that everyone loves about him is when he single-handedly draws the ball with his magnetic hands and baskets it all the way to home and then swing on the basket-frame, making it look all easy. No doubt, he was born to do this and we get a hell of an entertainment watching him on the court. He is not just the favourite of the Cavs fans but of the every basketball fan, and is a player to be admired and appreciated of his skills and talent.