Golden State Warriors in NBA Playoffs 2015

Golden State Warriors in NBA Playoffs 2015

If it is to be believed, Steve Kerr wouldn’t let morality loose him the famous trophy of Larry O’Brien Championship. This may very well be a lie, but the fact is that Steve Kerr of Golden State Warriors went ahead and said that in an interview. Though, later on he said that it was a lie and that he plans in bringing up no changes especially in the starting lineups.

Warriors have played almost 101 games in this season’s NBA playoff and the entire team is expected to do great in the rest of the matches as well. They have picked up a good pace and have been exhibiting great qualities on court. The fact that the Warriors have been playing extraordinarily has also been supported by LeBron James. Seems like, everyone is all praises for the team.

In all the madness of NBA playoff season, we can’t wait to see what comes up next as we proceed further in the season.