How to avoid common basketball injuries while playing

How to avoid common basketball injuries while playing

Every sport includes some sort of injury associated along with it. The most common injury is the ankle spraining which occurs mostly in sports that involves plenty of jumpy, running and quick turning actions. There are a number of exercises and workouts that can help you strengthen your ankle. One of the main exercises which most of the coaches use is the A.B.C exercise. This exercise is done by holding the lower leg while shifting the feet which will be like drawing the alphabets from A-Z in midair. This exercise strengthens the tendons and the muscular tissues of the ankle. 

The only way to manage shin splints is by lowering the intensity of your workout and by using top quality of men’s basketball shoes. Another common injury among basketball and soccer players is the knee injury which is often caused by the overuse and swelling of the tendons below the knee cap. You can avoid muscle strain or pulled muscles simply by performing adequate amount of warm ups. You can develop you knee and hamstring by running and doing weight training workouts. Avoid running constantly on hard surface as it can cause injury to the knee joints and back over time.

The only way to loosen up and stretch is to do proper warm ups. You can begin your warm up with a 10 minute jog so that your muscles get warmed up. After the jog, you can run several lines from free throw line to the half court line. Try running at the 75% of your overall tempo to get your heart and muscles pumping. Always use the correct safety gear and equipment’s. Avoid playing when you are exhausted or in any form of pain.