Michael Beasley with Miami Heat for Rest of Season

Michael Beasley with Miami Heat for Rest of Season

Forward Michael Beasley has stepped up his game these past few weeks with two, 10-day contracts with NBA team the Miami Heats. On Wednesday, the team ended up signing Beasley to play with them for the remainder of the season.

For most of this NBA season, Beasley was with the Chinese Basketball Association before joining the Heat last month. Coach Erik Spoelstra said of Beasley’s improvements, “Michael has been very good. I’m very comfortable with him. He’s improved and it has helped us. He has made the most of his opportunities.”

In the past, Beasley has been known to slack off when it comes to playing defense. Fans and critics alike suggested that the NBA star hardly ever tried to play it.

In an interview with The Miami Herald, Beasley said that he now has a better perspective of it, “Defense is, man, a willing activity. Some people like it; some people don’t. We all have the ability to play it. We’re all athletic. We’re tall. We’re all strong. So, defense, and I’ve taught myself this, is a state of mind.”

Beasley was the number two draft pick back in 2008 when he first played for the Miami Heat. Once he was secured a paycheck, he tended to play half-heartedly and was notoriously known as “the my bad” player and a locker room goof. When Beasley played for the Phoenix Suns, he was at his worst when the team released him from his contract after an arrest on suspicion of marijuana.

Now, it looks like he wants to develop into a two-way player. According to the Sun Sentinel, The six-year veteran has appeared in 419 career NBA games (199 starts) averaging 13.2 points, 4.9 rebounds, 1.3 assists in 24.8 minutes, while shooting 45 percent from the field.