The Warriors Have Filed to Dismiss Suite

The Warriors Have Filed to Dismiss Suite

Even though the Golden State Warriors are already handling their own on the hardwood, they intend to also hold their own in the courtroom.

On Friday the Warriors had responded to a lawsuit against the team and Ticketmaster by ticket resale site StubHub.

The suit has accused the Warriors of illegally rigging the resale market, by filing a motion to dismiss the case.

The case, which would be a landmark change, if it makes it all the way to a trial would redefine ticket sales. The case has the potential to establish precedent on whether sports fans lease the right to a ticket or own it.

It would also set the precedent to the location a fan can resell their tickets.

Golden State has a current deal with Ticketmaster.  StubHub has made the claim that the Warriors have told fans that if they don't use Ticketmaster to resell their tickets, they risk losing privileges to buy tickets.

StubHub has stated that this illegal.  They claim federal regulations prohibit what the Warriors are trying to do.