Things we learned from the NBA Game 5

Things we learned from the NBA Game 5

The Golden State Warriors are just one step away from winning NBA Finals. This would be their first time winning the championship since the year 1975. And, they have got to compete against none other than Cleveland Cavaliers. The current score of Warriors as that of Cavaliers is 104-91. 

Andre Iguodala was given the privilege of playing in the Game 4 in place of Andrew Bogut. This decision by Steve Kerr immediately resulted in an extremely easy win that lead the team to the tie the series with Cavaliers. 

On the other hand, LeBron James had to manage the center for the Game 4, as the Warriors decide to go small. In response, James managed to defend and maintain his team in the series. However, Leandro Barbosa from the Golden State Warriors overturned the entire series by quickly making 4-of-5 baskets. 

Warriors have come out to be totally unpredictable in the series so far, and we can only imaging who wins the series!