2 Time Cancer Survivor becomes college sports VP

2 Time Cancer Survivor becomes college sports VP

The journey for Ilan Ben-Hanan has been a surviving chronicle. Two times cancer survivor Ilan has been upgraded with the post of Vice President of College Sports Programming.  Previously, he was the lead programming executive for college football. He has played an important role in shaping the ESPN’s and the V Foundation Cancer Research fundraising event. 

Ilan will now be managing the right acquisition activities for ESPN’s college sports portfolio. This will also include College football playoffs, 20 NCAA championships and 30 bowl games. He will be now reporting to Executive Vice President, Burke Magnus. 

Ilan’s journey with ESPN began in 2002, when he joined the network as a programming associate.  His profile allowed him to manage the entire college basketball games. Even before cancer hit him, he was quite active in the intercollegiate athletics. He always leaded the college sports with his expertise knowledge and leadership skills. With this new position for him, we can’t wait to see what changes he will bring.