Abuse allegations against Bri'onte Dunn Source: YouTube

Abuse allegations against Bri'onte Dunn

Ohio State’s Running back, Bri’onte Dunn was dismissed from the team “for a violation of team rules”, said team coach Urban Meyer in a statement released by the university. He did not specify which rules that Dunn broke that caused him to be dismissed.

Sources speculate though that the cause was an abuse allegation by Dunn’s girlfriend.  Less than 24 hours before Meyer announced his dismissal, Dunn’s girlfriend had reported to 911 that he had hit her in the face and chocked her. One of the team rules in Ohio State is “Treat women with respect”. There was a civil protection order placed by the victim on Monday. However, no criminal charges have been yet made. 

On Sunday evening, a young woman crying called 911 and said that "My boyfriend hit me really bad."  She then went on to explain how he hit her on the mouth and left their apartment on the Northwest Side but came back.  She left the apartment herself and when she came back and Dunn saw she had her phone on her hand, he went crazy.  This was when he choked her and left.

According to the woman, "My lip is bleeding and I have a black eye." Right away, a Columbus Division of Fire Paramedic was sent to the woman´s apartment.

Dunn graduated from Ohio State in May with a degree in sports industry.  This season, he was expected to fight for a spot as a running back against redshirt freshman Mike Weber.