NCAA Lacrosse - Four Final Teams Source: Brown University

NCAA Lacrosse - Four Final Teams

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a membership organization whose primary goal is to protect and advocate for the well-being of student-athletes. It does this by organizing events and equipping the athletes with the skills that they need to succeed not only in the classroom, but also on the playfield and throughout life.

Four teams, Brown, Loyola Maryland, North Carolina, and Maryland from Division 1 have finally made it to the national championship competition that will be held at Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field this weekend. Here is the latest news about these teams that you should know.


Eight of the players come from this region and expect a warm welcome from their home fans. Despite the fact that this team has lost three of the last five national championships games and has not won a national championship since 1975, it is still too early to assume that they will not emerge on top. According to the coach, John Tillman, the team is well prepared and will not disappoint.


This is another competitive team to look out for in this weekend. One of the most prolific players of this team, Dylan Molloy, is likely to miss this week’s semi-final against Maryland due to a severely broken right foot.

Loyola Maryland

For this team to win their first national championship since 2012, they will most definitely need the help of the freshman Pat Spencer, who has 83 points accredited to him. He was named Davidsonville, MD Rookie of the Year and Patriot League Offensive Player. He managed to score six goals and produce six professional assists in just two NCAA games and this enabled the team to extend their ten games winning streak.

This year’s quarterfinals will indeed be exciting to watch as the four teams’ battle for a spot in the semi-finals. May the best team win!