North Dakota State wins a fifth title Source: CBS Sports

North Dakota State wins a fifth title

North Dakota is an amazing football team, and they have proved this over the past few years. The new additions to the team and the replacement of the coach have allowed North Dakota State to win five titles.

In the last game they played, the star of the team, the QB Carson Wentz returned. Many say that this is exactly what they needed to become champions. He was forced to stay out of the last eight games because of a wrist injury that did not seem to heal properly. Thankfully, he came back at the right time and he proved, yet again, why he is the star of the team.

North Dakota State started the season with a score of 4-2, which did not give them an edge to win. However, by the end of the year, they managed to get an incredible 13-2, which propelled them to a first standing and win the FCS National Championship for the fifth time.

Jacksonville State, the team they played against was not very happy, and they did their best to stop North Dakota from winning the title again. Although they dominated the game for a few minutes in the third quarter, this was not enough to keep the strong players from North Dakota from declaring a victory.

Now the question being asked by all who follow college football is how the team will do in the next season. Some of their best players are scheduled to leave and they have to find replacements very soon in order to win a sixth title.