Sports at the University of Arizona

Sports at the University of Arizona

College is one of the most important parts of life. There, young people choose what are they going to become! But, besides huge amounts of studying and practicing, there is one important aspect, it is a sport. Because young people like sports and it is very useful for them, all colleges pay big attention to sports.

One of the best colleges for people who like sports is the University of Arizona. The nickname e for the Arizona’s athletic team is Wildcats, and they are using this nickname, proudly, since 1914. The men’s basketball team at the University is one of the best. They reached the NCAA Tournament 25 years, (consecutive years, in a period 1985-2009), it is the second longest streak in the history of the NCAA.

Besides basketball here is also available football team. The football team dated even further in the past, from 1899, when they had nicknamed ‘’Varsity", but in 1914, it was changed into Wildcats. In the 2012 New Mexico Bowl, they defeated the University of Nevada Wolfpack.

Of course, baseball is available too. This team dates from 1904, and it won four national championships in 1976, 1980, 1986 and in 2012. First teams were coached by Jerry Kindall and latest coach is Andy Lopez. This team also appeared 8 times in the NCAA and in 34 baseball tournaments.

This University is 7th all-time in games won!
If you want more, you can have, so at the Arizona University are available sports such as softball, men’s and women’s golf, lacrosse and a few others.