Three US colleges that offer fencing programs Source: Wikimedia/Blade Flex

Three US colleges that offer fencing programs

There are now many fencing programs in US universities and all of them offer unique programs to those interested. We have narrowed down our list to three colleges that currently offer fencing programs. If you are planning on fencing in college, it is best for you to get acquainted with the details of the programs offered by the college you are planning to attend. Even though there are more than 100 fencing programs, not all of them compete in an NCAA tournament.

Brown University

For three years in a row, Brown University’s fencing senior, Simon Jones, has been selected to the NCAA championship in men’s epee. Jones made it to the fifth position in men’s epee.  When it comes to fencing, Brown University has proven to have a championship team and program. 

Columbia University

The Columbia Lions sent first-year Iman Blow to the Junior World Championship a month ago. He earned the school a 12th place individually at a very competitive arena. However, Blow also helped the US team earn a silver medal. With a solid fencing program, you have the chance of hitting it big with the fencing program at Columbia. 

Harvard University

This prestigious university has an extensive fencing program. They have competed at a high level for the NCAA for 17 seasons. The university has a motto to promote academic integration and competitive excellence.  This season they started off undefeated and with a victorious streak.

As with any program you might choose, keep in mind that there are certain requirements and responsibilities you have to observe. Some of these universities offer a collegiate fencing scholarship to help you achieve your academic goals.