What are the Herbie awards and 3 recipients named Source: ESPN

What are the Herbie awards and 3 recipients named

College football brings together millions every year. Some of the best players in College football are given recognition every year by College football legend Kirk Herbstreit. The awards have been in existence for a long time, and are given to many categories of College Football participants, be it fans, coaches, players, even to categories like favorite restaurants, and strongest student sections.

This year, there were many Herbie awards given to a variety of recipients

One of Herbstreit’s strongest awards is Unsung Hero, and this year’s winner was Hunter Renfrow, a wide receiver of the Clemson Tigers. Renfrow is hailed for a very consistent input to the offense of his team, with catches and yardage spread across all his games. While Renfrow didn’t necessarily steal the show every week, his consistent and pivotal output earned him Herbstreit’s Unsung Hero award, and deservedly so.

The cornerstone to any great college football program is a powerful defense, and the cornerstone to any powerful defense is a strong pass rush presence. Often, this is handled by individual superstars in a defensive lineup, players that always seem to bring pressure few others can put together. This year, Herbstreit recognized Alabama’s LB Tim Williams as this year’s Pass Rush Specialist.

At the helm of the best college football programs stands the figure running the offense, the quarterback. While college has always been a platform for rushing quarterbacks to make an impact, Herbstreit recognizes those who consistently run the game with their arm. This year, Herbstreit’s Pure Passer award for 2016 goes to UCLA powerhouse Quarterback Josh Rosen. Rosen proved himself a significant player and threat throughout the year and earned his slot as Herbstreit’s Pure Passer award winner.