College Football is Heating Up!

College Football is Heating Up!

College Football season is well upon us and is more action packed than any other year! This past weekend, Alabama moved to the number one position in the Top 25 teams in College Football. This moves the undefeated, Florida State out of the number one ranking.
On Saturday, Alabama played their rivals, Auburn in the Iron Bowl for a game that was filled with excitement and anxiety for fans of both of the teams. Alabama won the game 55-44. This is the seventh straight season that the Crimson Tide have been in the number one spot at least once in the season.

The top ten teams in College Football right now are: Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, TCU, Baylor, Ohio State, Michigan State, Arizona, Kansas State, and Mississippi State.

In prior years, the SEC has always been the conference to beat, but it seems that this year, many conferences are represented in the top 25 teams. There is only one week left for schools to be chosen for the playoffs. This year we will see the first playoffs in College Football. Four teams will be chosen to compete in a Final Four type playoff system. This will be really exciting!

Also in a big surprise this weekend, Nebraska fired their head coach, Bo Pelini. Clearly his performance this year was not the best. The team never finished with less than 9 wins, but he never took the team to a playoff game of any kind. Nebraska seems to have a lot more expectations this year that he could not provide.