College Soccer Emerges As One Of The Most Popular Games In Colleges In The US

College Soccer Emerges As One Of The Most Popular Games In Colleges In The US

The first competitive match of soccer played between two institutions was witnessed on November 6, 1869 in New Jersey. It evolved as a competitive game played between two teams of males or female students from colleges or universities.

College soccer is quite popular in the US, although it is found to be popular in other countries like South Korea and Canada as well. The coaches in all these institutions are professional coaches, although the players are amateur college students who are out to play a game of soccer.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulates and controls the game of soccer as played between teams from educational institutions. Rules framed for the game of soccer by the NCAA are quite divergent from those specified by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). if a player of college soccer tends to gather five yellow cards signifying five fouls committed in a series, he or she is not allowed to participate in one game. The game at the college level allows the team manager to substitute as many players as he deems fit.

College soccer is regulated by a clock that runs all the time. Only the referee can choose to stop the clock, or halt the game in case of injuries or misconducts. The time interval in which the team shoots a goal and the game is restarted also maintains a pause in the watch.

 FIFA is responsible for the organization of World Cup in 1930, and it even organised the women's world cup in 1991. The association  has its base in Zurich and has 209 members.

College soccer maintains its popularity among the Diaspora in the US propelling many players into the international arena and the national arena as well.