FBS Football Season 2015

FBS Football Season 2015

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) of United States organizes FBS football season every year. FBS season of 2015 is quite an anticipated event wherein different football teams will compete for the championship. The FBS subdivision level will get started on 3 September, 2015 and will continue till December 2015. The finales will be organized in January 2016. 

Currently, this is the second season of football playoff tournament of the four-team college. 
The rules have been made for the FBS 2015 season by the NCAA football rules committee. Also, advanced technology will be possibly implemented in the game such as wireless communication from players to players or use of tablets by the coaches of team for different purposes and possibly helmet cameras as well.

Though this year’s Football season awaits, let us see who wins and who gets to make it into the finals as there are almost 80 teams who will compete against each other.