Record Breaking Viewers Established at College Football Playoffs

Record Breaking Viewers Established at College Football Playoffs

Taking the center stage and garnering 33 millions of viewers during airtime is being claimed by ESPN. ESPN is the sports network that covers the telecast of the playoffs last January 13, 2015.

The number of viewers recorded was huge enough for the network to take pride of showing the world as to how much people love the sports to watch it from beginning to end, most probably betting and drinking beers on the side while watching the telecast in their flat screen TV’s in the comfort of their living room.

ESPN’s announcement of the huge crowd drawn to watch the game to ever record of monitoring and watching the game last January 13th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This was the highlight of Buckeye’s sporting career, was it to make a statement, or was it a warning against their future opponents in the seasons to come? Well, it was quite a large shoe to fit in.

The sports fans will be looking forward to the same or much better performance from each and every one of the members of the team. Well, there is a lot to expect next season as Sporting News quoted in their game recap and most probably all the sports network there is.

Drawing 34 million viewers in one setting is no joking matter indeed. The Buckeyes made history in their bout with an equally great competing team; the Oregon. And to think this is a non-cup programming to sum it all up. Truly an amazing performance, the Buckeyes gave their best in dominating the game especially during the second half of the game play.