The Buffalos win the 20th National championship

The Buffalos win the 20th National championship

It was glam and celebration at the 62nd annual NCCA skiing championship as the University of Colorado skii team famously known as the Buffalos clinched their 20TH national championship. The team comprising of both male and female put in individual efforts to be crowned this year’s national champions. Needless to say, they deserve it.

This victory is the women’s first national championship and 8th overall including men since the sport was nationalized in 1983.All this has been made possible by the team’s head coach Richard Rokos who has been nothing but dedicated to the Buffalos. However it is bad news for the team has the coach is set to end his 25 years tenure at the fall of winter. Rokos however, goes home a smiling man as the most decorated coach in Colorado having won many trophies with both his male female teams.

Although Utah brought in a tough fight on the second day of the competition to head the tables, the Buffalos regained their first day pace on the third day of the competition to rise back at the helm of the table. They made sure to stick at the top winning the championship finally with 505 points, 27 points ahead of the defending champions Denver who finished second with 478 points. Utah came third (471), Vermount fourth (443) and finally New Mexico closed the top five list with 402 points.

The female team put out some outstanding performance with Thea Grosvold finishing 6th in 1.57.97.She was followed closely by Jessica Honkonen 1.57.94 in the 7th place and Broke Wales finished in the 15th place recording a time of 1.59.65.Considering the growth of female team over the years, this Buff female team performed explicitly well.