College hockey programs

College hockey programs

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in college and of course one of the most widespread winter sports.
If you are going to college and you want to play hockey, well we will give you some suggestions when it comes to this sport, just to help you decide.
You can probably assume that the number one goes to The Gophers, because they are one of the greatest colleges when it comes to hockey and you probably know that some of the most popular players in the world went to this college.

Even though we can definitely recommend you this college, we must admit that their programs when it comes to sports have changed little bit, because now it seems like they are more concentrated on individual sports and talent than on building a good team.
Then we have the Denver Pioneers and maybe you didn’t know but they’ve won a lot of national championships.
What is good about them is that their players are very good at this sport and we can freely say skilled.
Their players are very successful in college, but a lot of them don’t have successful careers once they finish with college, so that may be a potential problem. Still, you can always be the one who will become successful and famous.

Then we have Michigan Wolverines and you definitely shouldn’t mess with them, because they have excellent hockey program, and are very successful and consistent.
They have won 9 national championships which is the actual record, so now you can probably imagine how good they are.