Volunteers for the Spring Games

Volunteers for the Spring Games

Women’s Softball is a big college sport and the Spring Games are one of the biggest events, hosted by PFX Athletics. This is a series of women’s softball games that takes place in February and March. This year all people are encouraged and asked to join in helping PFX Athletics organize the event.

The president of PFX Athletics, Alison Strange has issued a bulleting saying that they need as many volunteers as possible to help them organize this year’s event. Any person 17 and older is encouraged to come and volunteer for different activities like selling merchandise, attending to the gates, greeting guests and many more. If you’re a softball enthusiast this is your chance to be part of a community and help with the procession of the biggest event.

The volunteers will be trained before the event and will receive a meal, a Spring Games T-shirt and a Southern Challenge free pass so it’s a win-win situation.

PFX Athletics announced they are expecting over 300 teams to come in for the event from all over the United States. This number will set a new record of attendance hence why the call to arms for all softball enthusiasts to come and lend a helping hand.

When the Spring Games were founded in 2006 by Dr. Dot Richardson – an Olympic gold medalist – only 64 teams participated. Although that may seem as a lot it fades in comparison with the staggering 300 that are expected this year.